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House Rules:

- In order to provide a clean and healthy environment for all our guests, smoking is forbidden inside the apartment,   as well as consumption of any illegal and legal drugs, toxic and flammable substances.
- Clean after you use the kitchen. Don’t eat and Don’t keep food in the bedrooms (kitchen and 
dining area only)
- Don't change the TV Settings
- Do not rearrange, reorganize and do not move the furniture around.
- Please do not use bathroom towels as disposable towels. Do NOT use towels for make-up removal and other aggressive chemicals, don't use them in the kitchen and balcony, don't clean the floor, shoes with them. Don't put them on the floor. For stained and damaged towels, there is a charge of 25€/towel.
- We provide towels that are for use at the property. Please, provide your own towels for use on the beach.
- No additional guests

- Please switch off the AC, electric radiator, heaters and all the kitchen appliances when you’re out of the apartment.
- Do Not cover the electrical heater and radiator and keep them on a safe distance from other objects. 

Not complying with the house rules may lead to immediate cancellation of the reservation and full charge of the security deposit with no refund.

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